About BOMBSWAP Token

About BOMBswap Token

BOMBswap is the reward token of the BOMBswap protocol. It is used to incentivize providing liquidity within BOMBswap.

Staking BOMBswap

With your reward BOMBswap, you can stake it to get a share of the protocols revenue!

Visit the Stake page within BOMBswap dApp to start staking your BOMBSWAP tokens!


When staking BOMBSWAP, you will receive xBOMBSWAP. You can return your xBOMBSWAP to BOMBSWAP at anytime by unstaking your BOMBSWAP.


A small percentage of LP when adding liquidity, is sent to our "RewardMaker" contract. Periodically, these LPs will be broken, and their assets used to buy BOMBswap on the open market. This BOMBswap that is purchased, is sent to the xBOMBSWAP contract.

Additional BOMBswap entering the xBOMBSWAP contract increases the ratio of BOMBswap to xBOMBSWAP. This means when you unstake your xBOMBSWAP, you will receive what you originally deposited plus any additional BOMBswap that has been deposited as rewards.

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