Tokenomics and Emissions

Initial Supply

Only 10,000 BOMBSWAP were minted during contract deployment. Those initial 10,000 are broken down as follows:

  • 5,000 (50% of initial mint) will be airdropped to all BOMB Chain Locking participants.

  • 5,000 (50% of initial) has been used to provide liquidity on the BOMBSWAP/BOMB pair.


Our BOMBSWAP tokenomics and emissions are quite similar to popular decentralized exchanges such as SushiSwap and PancakeSwap. We did tune the emissions down quite substantially from what is typically set on the MasterChef contract.

Emission Details:

BOMBSWAP can only be minted from the MasterChef contract. It is the "owner"/admin of BOMBSWAP and therefor has full control of it.

  • Base emission rate: 0.01 BOMBSWAP per block

  • With 3 second block time on BOMB Chain, we will emit 288 BOMBSWAP per day. This is quite low compared to other DEX tokens and will help to keep value high on BOMBSWAP token.

  • From block 350,000 to block 5,150,000 there will be a bonus multiplier in effect, tripling (3 times) the amount to BOMBSWAP emitted. This will result in 864 BOMBSWAP emitted daily until block 5,150,000.

Protocol Automatic Open Market Buys

Our RewardMaker contract collects a very small percentage of LPs each time they are made, much like SushiSwap and PancakeSwap do. At anytime, anyone can call the functions on RewardMaker to convert those LPs into buying BOMBSWAP on the openmarket, and using those purchased BOMBSWAP to feed xBOMBSWAP rewards!

Advantages of this system

Open market buys will keep value of BOMBSWAP up

Staking BOMBSWAP for xBOMBSWAP should be quite lucrative with all the BOMBSWAP that can be purchased with proceeds from the dex!

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